Zodio develops strong customer relationships through its customisation

Zôdio specializes in the home, its equipment, decoration and interior design sector and has expanded its customization techniques by implementing laser systems in all of their creative workshops in stores. 


Home equipment, decoration and interior design


France, Head office in Lezennes (close to Lille)

Laser machine

20 point of sales throughout France equipped mainly with Speedy 100 Flexx

About Zôdio.

Zôdio was founded in 2007 and belongs to the Leroy Merlin group. Zôdio is a key player in the home, its equipment, decoration and interior design sector. Zôdio has 800 employees spread across 20 shops in France and a headquarters in Lezennes near Lille.

Personalization as a powerful way to connect with the customers.

At Zôdio, the philosophy is based on the notion of "Doing". Indeed, at Zôdio we are convinced that "Doing" is a way to get closer to others and the world around us. As such, this concept has been broken down into 3 "Do's": "Doing it together" via decoration and cooking courses offered in the shops, "Doing it yourself" via online tutorials, and finally "Doing it for me" for people who don't have the time, the desire or the appetite for it. Thus, from January 2022, personalisation workshops have started to be set up in all the shops, offering different services such as: engraving, cutting, embroidery, creation of mugs, printing of azymes, posters and stickers.

Thanks to laser technology, Zôdio now offers new personalisation techniques such as engraving and cutting. Cutting is more innovative and complex and has allowed them to multiply their offer, proposing a multitude of models and sizes of products made on different types of materials. Customisation is a differentiating factor that allows Zodio to stand out from the competition by creating a close and intimate relationship with its customers.

20 Trotec lasers deliver unique objects fast and reliably.

Zôdio opted for Trotec laser machines to equip all its shops.  The reliability, robustness, ease of maintenance, simplicity of use and safety of the machines were all arguments that were decisive in the choice of Trotec machines. The Trotec machines do not require any PPE to be worn during laser processing and allow for up to the minute production in the customization shops.

All shops (20 machines in total) are equipped with a Speedy 100 Flexx laser machine that perfectly matches the shop space and the products traditionally sold at Zôdio. Thanks to the laser systems, Zôdio is able to personalise a multitude of products made of glass, leather and especially wood, such as boards, logs, boxes, etc. which are all the rage.

Through personalization, you build a connection with the customer that is not possible in other customer experiences even physically, let alone on the Internet. We come up with a lot of creative ideas that are quite innovative. Our team members' first instinct is usually to put the new products in the Trotec, to see what can be done. They get inspired, it gives them lots of ideas and our customers love it!

Paulo Carrasquiera
Customer Services and Solutions Project Manager

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