S•K•S achieves highest precision with laser cutter from Trotec.

S•K•S GmbH

The family-owned company S•K•S has been cutting adhesive tapes, sandpaper, parcel tapes and much more to the exact specifications of its customers for more than 25 years. As a 3M premium partner and dealer, the company based in Oberding near Munich has a rich, high-quality product range that is also sold via their online store at www.Shop-SKS.com. To offer fast service and expert advice for customers is a top priority at S•K•S. With more than 40 dedicated employees, the successful company achieves a steadily growing annual turnover.

Search for flexible technology without tooling costs.

Originally, S•K•S GmbH used mechanical die cutting machines. However, this technology goes along with high tooling costs and is time-consuming, as the cutting dies must be manufactured specifically for each customer. In addition, this technology is not very precise. In search for a more modern production technology, the company came across laser cutting systems. Laser cutters deliver perfect cutting lines, work with high precision, and allow greater flexibility. Laser cutting also eliminates the need to create additional tools for the production process.

High quality of technical service and highly precise cutting results tipped the scales in favor of Trotec.

Trotec convinced the owners of S•K•S not only with high quality and reliability of the laser machines, but also with excellent service that competitors could not offer in this format. S•K•S invested in an SP2000 in 2016 and a Speedy 400 in 2017. While the Speedy is mainly used for prototyping and to produce smaller series, the large-format SP2000 laser cutter cuts 99% adhesive tapes of all types. Thanks to the laser cutters from Trotec, S•K•S benefits from enormous cost savings of up to 500,00 euros per order, as the creation of tools is no longer necessary. The elimination of this step also results in shorter production times. An additional advantage of laser cutting is that there is hardly any waste during production, which reduces production costs and protects the environment.                                                                                                      

The high precision of the cutting results for foils excites S•K•S and end customers alike. Due to the good order situation, S•K•S will invest in a larger building in the near future and expand its machinery – including laser machines.

At S•K•S we stand for high-quality products as well as fast and reliable service. Therefore, Trotec is the perfect partner for us and our customers. The laser cutters from Trotec work with high precision and enable us to respond to customer requests even faster and more flexibly and to deliver top quality. If we have questions, we can absolutely rely on the Trotec service team and even in case of incidents the laser machine is immediately brought back into operation - the support is exceptional and impressed us even before we bought the laser.

Christian Weber
Managing Director

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