Job shop "Masterskaya Da Vinchi".

"Masterskaya Da Vinchi".

The job shop "Masterskaya Da Vinchi" is like a breeding ground for creative souvenirs with wood engraving. The specialization of the job shop "Da Vinchi" is artist built wood souvenirs - pictures, boxes, book covers, interior elements etc. All the jobs are done with Trotec laser machine Speedy 100 25 Watt. It seems to be so few power for wood working, but all engraved and cutted details are done with high precision and good quality. Such results are possible thanks to professionalism and experience of Da Vinchi specialists. The director is Rinat Akhmetshin, magister of laser technologies, a lecturer in Tomsk Polytechnic University. The job shop could find their individual way in preparing graphic design for engraving.

Creation of relief wood pictures.

Da Vinchi was looking for a solution for the creation of relief wood pictures. While they already had experience with different laser equipment, they knew for what they were looking for: quality of laser tubes, convenient and simple laser software, very good mechanical equipment of the machine and security from unprofessional access. Because of these requirements, they soon came to Trotec and appreciated the advantages of the Trotec lasers. "Comparing differnt laser machines for our tasks we understood, that Trotec is one of the best companies, that produces laser equipment of high quality from laser software to accessories", comments Rinat Akhmetshin.

Laser engraving is profitable business or creative work?

Looking at Da Vinchi jobs we understand, that it is a creative work, also successful business - they get orders from different places in Russia and abroad. With the Speedy 100, they are able to produce a wide range of relief wood pictures in a very good quality. But as there are a lot of other laser engraving job shops around, it is important to differentiate from the others. Da Vinchi have become such a successful business with their formula of success: Professionalism and hard working - done with high qualitative equipment. This confirms Rinat Akhmetshin with his words: "Our advantages are hardworking, honesty and our wish to create qualitative products".

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