Magnet-Schultz relies on modern production technology in trainings.

Over 100 years of customer satisfaction.

Magnet-Schultz (MSM) is an electrical engineering company in in Memmingen (MSM for short) that designs and produces electromagnetic actuator and sensor technology. With 2,500 employees, MSM provides customers from demanding industries such as aerospace, automotive, electrical engineering, hydraulics, medical technology and pneumatics with their high-tech solutions.

Since its foundation in 1912, the company, which is now in its 4th generation of family management, has made customer satisfaction its top priority. To achieve this, MSM places a great deal of importance on employee education and training to carry out its living philosophy of competence, professionalism and ethics. 

Modern training technology.

MSM familiarizes its future skilled workers with different processing methods by regularly investing in the latest production technology.

In 2018, the company was looking for a laser system that would be suitable for processing a wide range of materials, such as plastic, glass, stainless steel or even wood. The quality of the marking, engraving or cutting was one of the key criteria for MSM.

"Some of these training pieces are for internal use, but some are for external use. Thus, the processing quality has a direct influence on how our company is perceived internally, but also externally by the customer," says Ernst Wassermann (Head of Sales Promotion).

We got to know Trotec at a trade show. Already there, the sample pieces on display convinced us of this laser manufacturer.

Stefan Zahor
Head of Industrial Training - Magnet-Schultz

Convinced from the start.

The Speedy 100 flexx laser engraver and cutter makes it possible to cut plastics for projects (e.g. for trial trainees) or to engrave wooden bases for anniversary gifts, but also to mark tools or anodized aluminum parts. This way, the laser in the training workshop can even be used to support the actual production areas.

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