Oh, Good Idea Boss!

Simon Tims
Technical Services Manager

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Published on: 10/05/2017 Author: Trotec Laser UK

In Profile: Simon Tims

My job:
Technical Services Manager

Where I work:
Washington HO, TLUK

I have been with Trotec since: 
March, 2015

My personal work motto: 
"Oh, good idea boss!" & "It was like that when I got here."

How I would describe my job...

Advising clients and colleagues on technical issues. Make sure my team of engineers are happy.

I spend most of my day...

...helping my team of engineers who are out on the road and helping customers solve any issues they may have.

The coolest thing about my job is...

...turning unhappy customers into satisfied customers.

The thing I love most about Trotec is...

...the atmosphere, the friendly colleagues.

Something about me...

I have two ladies at home who are everything to me (and they know it) especially on payday!
PS: Don't tell my wife!