Laser Cut
a Paper Christmas Card

Step by step guide

laser made christmas card


Required material
  • Paper approx. 200 g fir-tree green
  • Paper approx. 200 g white
  • Paper glue
Trotec laser used
  • Speedy 300
  • 60 watts
  • 1.5 inch lens
Christmas Card


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laser cut paper card christmas
Trin 1

Step 1:

This sample is made from two materials. We start by engraving and cutting the green paper, and then the white paper. If you like, you can add your personal inscription.

We have used the following laser parameters:

Grid engraving - power: 15 %, speed: 70 %,
resolution: 500 ppi
Vector marking – scoring: power:10 %, speed: 8 %,
resolution: 1000 Hz
Vector cut – cutting through: power: 15 %, speed: 2 %,
resolution: 1000 Hz

christmas card in laser cutter
Trin 2

Step 2:

Once you have cut both paper sorts to size, first fold the green paper along its center folding line so that the engraving is on the inside. After that, open it again and fold it along the other folding lines (marked red in the file). You will thus obtain a three-dimensional object.

christmas card laser cutting
Trin 3

Step 3:

Next, apply glue thinly to the back side of the green paper and glue it to the white paper. Leave the card folded open until the glue has dried completely.

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