Print merge in CorelDRAW

How to prepare data and graphics for serial printing using CorelDraw

In many cases, address data can be managed using Excel lists or CRM systems. To prepare the data for serial printing, save the file with the desired data as a .txt, .csv or .rtf file. To start the serial printing process, first open the desired graphic in CorelDRAW.



Make sure that the editing area is the same size as the final graphic. This will make it easier to position multiple jobs later (see last step of the instructions).


Print merge wizard

To start, click on File - Serial printing - Create/upload serial print.

The serial print wizard opens and helps you make the necessary adjustments to the settings.

Select Import text from a file, click on Continue and select the desired file. On the next pages, you will see a preview of the records that have been imported. Click on Complete to exit the serial printing wizard.

Print merge preparation


Print merge preparation

The serial printing toolbar will open. Select the desired field, for example, "Name" and click on Insert serial print field. Place the desired field in the graphic and change it based on your ideas (font, font size, etc.).

Printing process

To start the printing process, click on Run serial printing on the toolbar in CorelDRAW. Select the Trotec Engraver as the printer. Then click on Properties and, as usual, adjust the settings for laser engraving and cutting. If you want to print each job individually, you will be finished after this step, and you can send the graphic to your laser. If you want to print several jobs, for example, several type plates or name tags, by sending one print command to the laser, you will save time and make the most of your laser material. To do this, merge the jobs as described in the next step.


Merge several jobs - save time and material

Once you have selected the Trotec Engraver as the printer and adjusted the settings for the laser, enter the dimensions of your material in width and height. This is important so you can see how many jobs will fit on the material. Save the settings by clicking on the JobControl button. Now take a look at the print preview. In the print preview window, click on Break layout and enter the number of rows and columns in the menu bar. The jobs will then be merged. Click on the Selection tool for a preview of the complete platen. Now click on Print and send your graphic to JobControl.

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