Technology & Creativity: The combination drives me on!

Publicerad den: 02.11.2017

Profile: Barbara Zierler

My profession:
Trainer Trotec Academy

Employed with Trotec since:
September 2015; before that I had worked at Trodat for 5 years

My personal work motto: 
Technology & Creativity: The combination drives me on!

This is how I would describe my job to a friend:

I create training documents, both for internal knowledge building as well as for customer training at clients' premises. This means I also travel a lot (approx. once a month). My job is filled with adventure; you have to dive into the deep end over and over again, but you realize that it's fun the minute you leap.

I spend most of my work day:

Doing different things – sometimes at my desk, sometimes visiting clients, and sometimes here at the application lab working on the laser machine.

"Eine meiner ersten Reisen ging nach Barcelona. Am Weg zum Kundentermin bemerkte ich, dass ich was Wichtiges im Hotel liegen lassen hab. Ich wollte dann eigenständig mit dem öffentlichen Verkehr wieder zurück ins Hotel…und habe mich dann total verfahren. Etwas planlos habe ich schließlich doch ein Taxi bestellt…und habe es sogar trotz allem noch rechtzeitig zum Termin geschafft! One of my first trips went to Barcelona. On the way to the customer appointment, I noticed that I have left something important in the hotel. I then wanted to independently back to the hotel by public transport ... and then I lost my way. After all, I finally ordered a taxi a bit haphazardly ... and even managed to make it to the appointment in time!"
- A funny anecdote from my work life - Barbara Zierler -

The coolest thing about my job is...

I move around a lot, see a lot, and learn a great deal. I also have a lot of freedom and often given the space to make my own decisions.

The thing I appreciate most about Trotec is:

The appreciation and the responsibility that I'm given.

Something personal about myself:

I enjoy doing craftwork and am always starting new DIY ideas. For example, I built my own terrace and desk. I've also been sailing since I was five years old, and I'm now a sailing instructor for kids at my sailing club on Lake Traun.

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