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I keep educating myself to get ahead and achieve my goals.

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Publicerad den: 31.10.2017

Profile: Norbert Mateiasevici

My profession:
Strategic Procurer

Employed with Trotec since:
December 2016

My personal work motto: 
I keep educating myself to get ahead and achieve my goals.

This is how I would describe my job to a friend:

I'm responsible for choosing suppliers. This means that I look for new suppliers, negotiate with suppliers and evaluate existing suppliers. I'm also involved in strategic projects.

I spend most of my work day...

… in negotiations and talking to suppliers (often on the phone and by email, but also often in face-to-face meetings).

The coolest thing about my job is...

No two days are the same. The scope of my role is very varied and enables me to go on quite a few business trips. Furthermore, Trotec is an innovative, fast-growing company with a fantastic product.

"Wenn ich im privaten Rahmen erzähle, dass ich im Einkauf tätig bin, kommt oft die Reaktion, dass man da sicher oft beschenkt und eingeladen wird. Dies ist allerdings überhaupt nicht mehr wahr. Mittlerweile ist es sogar so, dass oft wir - wenn wir Lieferanten treffen - das Essen bezahlen. When I tell people privately that I am involved in purchasing, there is often the reaction that you are often given a gift and invited. This is not true anymore. In the meantime, it is often the case that when we meet suppliers we often pay for the food."
- A funny anecdote from my work life - Norbert Mateiasevici -

The thing I appreciate most about Trotec is:

The atmosphere at work: There are flat hierarchies; you are addressed informally by everyone, and everyone is very helpful towards others. I also have a really great and understanding manager.

Something personal about myself:

I came to Austria at the age of four with my family from Romania. As my mum grew up in the Hungarian-speaking part of Romania, and my dad in the Serbian part, I speak lots of languages: in addition to German and English, I can speak Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian and also Slovakian. I'm also doing a master's in Supply Chain Management at the University of Applied Science – on top of my full-time job.