Inner Geometries first

Unsorted cutting lines can be a waste of time

When cutting and engraving graphics, the laser first carries out all engravings and then all cuts. Cutting is carried out in the order in which the outlines are drawn. However, this may lead to the external contour being cut first and the workpiece tilting, slipping or even falling through the cutting table. Cutting of the internal contours is then no longer possible.

order cutting path laser

How to order the parts of your laser job

Conventional methods for ordering cutting lines:
  • Draw cutting lines in the exact order in which they are to be cut
  • Sort cutting lines manually in the graphic before the data is sent to the laser
  • Assign the cutting lines different colors in the Trotec material templates, which are then cut in the exact order as listed in the templates.
  • The easiest and most convenient way to sort your cutting lines is the "Inner geometries first" feature in the JobControl® Software. It can be activated with only a mouseclick and will automatically sort your cutting lines.
laser cutting line software

Inner geometries first - featured in JobControl®

Activating this feature simplifies the working process many times over, because the cutting lines are automatically sorted and the internal cutting lines are cut first. This preset automatically improves the quality of your application, because internal parts remain firmly attached to the actual cut and thus cannot slip. The external contour is automatically cut at the end. In addition, this feature also saves time because the lines do not need to be manually sorted in the graphic.

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