"Every customer counts!"

Consumables Sales Representative
Fran Bolin – WA Office

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Profile: Fran Bolin

Consumables Sales Representative

My work place:

Employed with Trotec since:
2014 “officially” however I joined Project Engraving & Digital back in 1995 (Project became part of Trotec in 2014)

My personal work motto:
“Every customer counts!”

This is how I describe my job to a friend:

Helping customers find the right product for their job and ensuring it arrives in time to meet their deadlines. (involves processing their order and ensuring we have stock available).

I spend most of my work day:

Arranging customer quotes, processing customer orders and answering different types of customer queries.

The coolest thing about my job is:

Being able to experiment with the large variety of products we sell using our lasers and seeing the amazing things that can be created on a laser machine.

The thing I appreciate most about Trotec is:

The incredible people I work with in WA and the support we give each other no matter what department we are in.

Something personal about myself:

Love baking (am known to make some pretty awesome scones). I also love travelling with my family and experiencing what the world has to offer.

A funny anecdote from my work life:

The unusual request by management to find someone that was willing to deliver a kangaroo and koala to our WA office for our Austrian visitors to see for the first time. 

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