Kumparan Pengukir Rotari

untuk mengukir kaca, bola, dan botol

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Laser engraving over 360°

Is required for laser engraving round, cylindrical and conical objects, such as glasses or bottles. When the rotary attachment is inserted, the movement of the axis in y-direction is replaced by a rotary movement. The Trotec JobControl software will provide you full support during the process. Simply enable the rotary attachment in the printer driver and enter the object diameter and the graphic will be adapted automatically.

Kumparan rotari tersedia untuk sistem laser Trotec berikut.

  Speedy 100 
Speedy 300
Speedy 360
Speedy 400
Kumparan rotari, dapat dimiringkan
Tambahan rotari dengan kerucut
Kumparan rotari dengan pemutar
Kumparan rotari gabungan
(kerucut dan pemutar dapat diganti)
Panjang benda kerja maksimum 350 mm 485 mm (kerucut)
680 mm (pemutar)
550mm (kerucut)
745mm (pemutar)
760mm (kerucut)
960mm (pemutar)
840mm (kerucut) 
1040mm (pemutar)
Diameter maksimum benda kerja* 118 mm 184mm (kerucut)
94mm (pemutar)
207mm (kerucut)
96mm (pemutar)
270mm (kerucut)
180mm (pemutar)
250mm (kerucut)
150mm (pemutar)
Maximum weight 3 kg 3kg (kerucut)
10kg (pemutar)
3kg (kerucut)
10kg (pemutar)
3kg (kerucut)
10kg (pemutar)
3kg (kerucut)
10kg (pemutar)

* Diameter maksimum tergantung pada lensa yang dimasukkan!