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Tips and tricks for laser users

In our know-how section, we provide tips on how to deal with Trotec laser machines:

  • Tips for better engraving results and clean cutting edges
  • Tricks on how to deal with different materials
  • FAQs on laser engraving and laser cutting
  • Laser parameters for many engraving materials

Check out our knowledge and ressources section

Laser and rotary engraving materials

Browse our wide range of engraving supplies. We offer acrylic based laminates, plastics, acrylic sheets, metals and engraving accessories in various colours and finishes.

Technical support for your laser machines

Need technical assistance? We offer you a service hotline, a spare parts service and laser trainings. See our support area for more details.

DIY laser samples

Take a look at our do-it-yourself laser samples including instructions, laser parameters and template-files.

Laser engravers and cutters

Learn more about Trotec's portfolio of laser engravers and laser cutting machines. Check out our laser machines section.

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