Refining with laser engraving

Added value for the customer, more profit for the engraver 

In this day and age personalization is indispensable. Unusual and original gifts, signs or trophies with a personal dedication are becoming increasingly popular. An engraver’s field of application is very diverse. With Trotec Laser systems you can easily extend your product range and create more profit with new product ideas.

Your advantages of laser systems for personalization

  • Universal tool for all materials: no additional tools or cleaning needed
  • Non-contact material processing: no need to clamp material in place
  • Incredible design opportunities: even finest details can be engraved and cut e.g. logos, names or photos
  • Cost–effective, economically feasible for single pieces and series production

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Best results at a record pace
Simply intuitive workflow
Full flexibility

Why should I buy a Trotec laser system for personalization?

Best engraving and cutting results at a record pace

Trotec machines are built to create precise and reliable engravings and cuttings of your designs even at top speed and acceleration. Speedy lasers process at a maximum speed of 4.2 m/sec and 5g.

Simply intuitive workflow

Trotec lasers are as easy to use as a printer. Work in your usual programs and send your layout to the laser, no matter whether from your PC or Mac. No specially trained operators are required thanks to JobControl® laser Software.

Full flexibility

Developed by Trotec, the patented flexx technology combines a CO2 and a fiber laser source in a single device. Use it to process a variety of materials in a single pass. Even metals and plastics can be marked directly and permanent without any sprays or pastes. This saves time and money.

More about the Speedy laser engravers, the perfect solution for your engraver business

Speedy laser engraver series

Application inspirations for laser engraving

How can you make money with laser engraving?

End consumers are generally willing to pay higher prices for products with a personal touch. The price for items with an individual laser engraving is therefore often determined by the price per product achievable on the market. It is common for end customers to pay 5 to 10 times the standard product price for personalization.

Ballpoint Pen 1 unit 150 units
Purchase price €1,50 €225
Engraving duration 15 sec 15 min
Engraving costs (1€/min) €0,25 €15
Labor costs (40€/hour) €0,11 €10
Retail price incl. engraving €15 €2.250
Profit €13,14 €2.000

How to use a Speedy 400 for the engraver business?

Laser technology has become more and more popular in recent years. Today, many engravers and suppliers of gift items use laser technology.
Check out how father and son team from Laser It uses their Speedy 400 laser engraver for their engraving business.

More about Speedy laser engraver series

Trotec product recommendation for laser engraving

Speedy flexx lasers: Laser engraver for personalization

The Speedy laser engraving and cutting systems are the perfect choice for first-time users as well as established laser users. All platform sizes from 610 × 305 mm to 1000 × 610 mm are available with a CO₂ laser, a fiber laser or also both laser sources in a single laser system. The patented flexx technology™ allows endless applications.

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Additional advantage: Trotec as a leading full-range supplier

Trotec also offers a variety of engraving materials specially developed for laser processing:

  • TroLase laminates
  • wooden panels
  • metals
  • TroGlass acrylic sheets
  • LaserPaper

More information about Trotec materials

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