MOPA laser marking metal

Laser marking with a MOPA laser

Marking metal and plastic samples

Published on: 01/24/2017 Author: Bernd Kerbl

Making-of Video – MOPA samples

In order to demonstrate the advantages of the new MOPA laser to all interested parties and customers, Trotec Marketing Team has produced hundreds of samples. In this short video, we show you the production of the different marking samples with a SpeedMarker 700 with a MOPA laser source. We have created three samples that demonstrate the advantage of the MOPA laser:

  • Black marking of natural anodized aluminum
  • Reproducible colors on stainless steel
  • Lighter, higher-contrast markings on dark plastics

Advantages of the MOPA laser

With the MOPA lasers you can adjust the pulse duration variably and reduce it to a few nanoseconds compared to the conventional fiber laser sources. Due to the short pulses as well as the lower pulse energy, the material is heated less. Thus, the possibilities of labeling metals and plastics increase enormously. All marking lasers of the SpeedMarker series are also available with the MOPA laser source in addition to the conventional fiber lasers.

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