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Laser marking of Speedy lens holders

Published on: 09/28/2016 Author: Bernd Kerbl

Laser marking of Speedy lens holders

At Trotec, laser systems are not only designed and built, but used in our own production process as well. One example of this is the laser marking of the lens holders for the Speedy flatbed lasers. These are lettered for easier identification of focal length and insertion direction of the lenses.

To be able to mark the large numbers as quickly as possible, the galvo fiber laser workstation SpeedMarker 700 is used. The operator loads the labeling information into the labeling software SpeedMark. The lens rings are then positioned in a laser-cut master plate and laser-marked using the array function and the automatic workflow. Subsequently, the respective lenses are glued into the marked lens holders and made ready for shipment.

Clever workflow with SpeedMark marking software

In this practical application, the advantages of the SpeedMarker marking lasers and in particular the SpeedMark marking software become very clear:

  • Array function: To be easily created in the user interface by mouse-clicking
  • Operator mode: Possible operator errors (e.g. change of parameters, deletion of marking content) can be avoided by assigning individually different user rights
  • Automatic mode: The operator just needs to insert the master plates and press “Start” – the SpeedMarker does the rest by itself

The fact that the master plates are likewise laser-cut using a Trotec laser, namely a laser cutter of the SP series, is another example of the in-house use of laser systems at Trotec.