Economic production and marking of hybrid components

Published on: 07/01/2016

MMS: Turnkey production facilities for the manufacturing of metal-plastic composite components

The Modular Molding Systems GmbH & Co KG company, with headquarters in Berndorf (Lower Austria), creates compact production facilities with - depending on the application - individually configurable single modules. Specifically for the manufacturing of metal-plastic composite components, a sophisticated machine system has been developed, which allows 11 different processing technologies, including blanking and injection molding, as well as marking and component testing in a single operation. Ing. Peter Buxbaum, owner and managing director of MMS, explains the philosophy of his company: "We see ourselves as a competent point of contact for the entire process chain and are here from development through to implementation as a technology partner."

Patented Multihub technology from MMS combines injection molding tools with progressive dies

Unlike conventional methods, a metal part is molded by an integrated module in a single operation to create a hybrid component. With the patented MMS hybrid technology, fault exclusions are reduced and productivity is increased, without compromising quality. With MMS injection molding modules, AC servo motors and servo-hydraulic actuators provide dynamic injection processes and short cycles, ensuring highly efficient production. The produced hybrid component, made of metal and plastic, is 100% tested from the raw material to the finished component. Through a camera-led quality inspection, defective parts are automatically ejected, before the impeccable good parts run into the next station for marking.

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On a linear machine from the Austrian company MMS, hybrid components are both strip molded and tested in a single operating procedure, then marked by a Galvo laser from Trotec and suitably finalized using innovative software Industry 4.0.

Every 20 seconds, eight complex and ready-to-install components leave the innovative production cell. According to MMS this also requires a reliable partner - a partner like Trotec.

Trotec as a competent partner: Galvo marking lasers for 100% traceability

Using the fiber marking laser SpeedMarker FL, which has been implemented directly into the laser unit of the MMS linear machine, results in consistently precise component marking. In addition to the laser head, the unit also includes a positioning part. The component can now be marked, as an option, from above and/or below with product information such as part and serial numbers or barcodes, making it permanently identifiable. Metal and plastic is easily marked, within seconds, using the fiber marking laser. Given that natural vapors and smoke are produced during the marking process, these are continuously removed by an integrated suction device.

Option to integrate ERP systems thanks to special laser software

The SpeedMark software has been specifically designed for Trotec Galvo marking lasers in the SpeedMarker series. It is particularly suitable for automated marking processes and covers all processing steps from importing dates and graphics to the generation of Data Matrix codes. One major advantage is the customizable user interface, to ensure optimal adaptation to existing processes.

A special feature of the SpeedMark software is that it can access data from ERP systems (such as SAP). This ensures that the laser operator receives all order-related data for the components to be marked directly in the program, in order to properly perform the labeling process. The graphical programming allows complex program sequences to be easily and intuitively represented by icons using drag & drop, which further accelerates the workflow.

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Every 20 seconds, eight ready-to-install composite components leave the production cell

After the laser marking, the sprue sub-distributor of the hybrid components is stamped out and then separated from the strip. The finished components are automatically packed, as required, in blister strips, trays or in bulk. With additional modular MMS systems, even more processing modules can be integrated, e.g. for the installation or cleaning of components. Due to the efficient and economical production, several well-known companies in hybrid component production already rely on the linear machines from MMS. Trotec is proud to play its part as an innovative partner.

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