Trotec at Berlin FashionTech 2016

Published on: 01/01/2016 Author: Petra Buresch

The Laser Cutter is the new sewing machine

Alexander Jauker, Head of Product Management at Trotec, held a workshop entitled "Fast and easy from design to finished product." The workshop showed the countless possibilities laser technology offers the fashion industry.

Designers and fashion manufacturers were impressed by the flexibility of the laser machine. Lisa Lang from ElectroCouture noted that, "the laser cutter is the new sewing machine, but most of the fashion designers are not aware of it yet. As soon as fashion designers discover laser cutters, which are already present in FabLabs and other spaces, they could develop prototypes faster and more individually."

A creative tool for a creative industry

The laser is a highly versatile system with a great deal of design freedom and the ability to process a wide array of materials. Whether you are engraving velvet or creating extravagant contour cuts on polyester, the laser can accomplish virtually any design. Thanks to faster processing speeds for variable data, each piece can be unique even in series production. Moreover the laser beam melts the material. The result are clean, perfectly sealed edges.

Laser Cutting Textiles

At the Fashion Week in Berlin on the 20th of January, the Fashion Tech conference brought together designers, experts and creative professionals from fashion and technology. Trotec presented the Speedy 360 laser engraver and cutter at the conference, demonstrating the diverse creative possibilities the laser offers the fashion industry.

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