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Release of JobControl® Software

Published on: 09/01/2015 Author: Petra Buresch

The newest version of JobControl® 10.5 – the most user friendly and powerful laser software on the market - will be released end of September. The support of Speedy 360 and Windows 10 compatibility and several improvements and new features make your daily work more efficient.

Sonar Technology™

JobControl® 10.5 supports the Sonar Technology™, which was launched with Speedy 360. The fast and precise focus mode is based on an ultrasonic sensor, and guarantees perfect engraving and cutting results. This innovative focus mode is patent pending.

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Change of color order settings

The newest version 10.5 enables you to change the color order settings in the material database used to define engraving and cutting processes. This facilitates your workflow and makes you more efficient because it is not necessary to resend the whole job.

Vector sorting: Inner geometries first

This pre-setting automatically sorts cutting lines from the inside to the outside. In the picture the circle is inside the rectangle. So the cutting will start with the circle. This improves the efficieny of your workflow because you do not need to sort manually. Moreover the quality of your application is improved automatically.

Windows 10 compatibility

Besides the new features and improvements, the newest version of JobControl® 10.5. also supports Windows 10.

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