Laser technology
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Published on: 07/01/2015 Author: Christine Klinke

Trotec sponsors the annual international conference of the Fablab Community in Boston. On August 3-9, experienced Trotec laser users will be offering workshops introducing the innovative technology to new users.

International maker community

For the second year, Trotec will present laser technology at the 11th international Fablab conference. From August 3-9 Fablab Network members from more than 450 labs in 55 countries will gather in Boston. It is not only an exchange of knowledge for makers but also a celebration of creativity for everyone. FAB11 is free, open to the public, and offers visitors exhibitions, demonstrations, hands-on activities for the whole family and talks featuring global opinion leaders and visionaries. At the Superlab participants are invited to attend workshops that introduce the latest technologies.

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Creativity without limits

Experienced Trotec laser users will introduce the maker community to laser technology in workshops with four sponsored laser cutters. Speedy lasers are ideal for typical applications in Fablabs such as model making, prototyping, industrial design, and DIY. Graphics and designs can be sent to the laser immediately for easy testing. The innovative flexx technology offers unlimited possibilities for creative laser applications. Practically any material can be laser engraved or cut with the flatbed laser systems of the flexx series.

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