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Opening new show and training room

Trotec opens new showroom in Lyss, Switzerland

Published on: 06/01/2015 Author: Karina Pairleitner

More space for trainings

Trotec has opened a new showroom in Lyss, Switzerland for training and demonstrations of laser engraving and cutting machines. The Trotec Academy will offer training to help you improve your laser software skills, and learn more about working with various materials. The show room will also provide opportunities to adjust and test different laser parameters, exhaust systems and lenses with the assistance of technical experts from Trotec Academy.

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Flexible materials testing

The new showroom and Trotec Academy can help you test any material with Speedy and SpeedMarker machines. The innovative flexx-technology of the Speedy series offers maximum flexibility with two laser sources in one machine. For example, wood and metal can be laser engraved in one pass with the integrated CO₂ and fiber laser sources. You can engrave any kind of material from glass over plastics and wood to metal, and experience the infinite possibilities of laser applications with the Speedy flexx series.

The SpeedMarker series is best suited for large quantities in the industrial sector. The galvo system laser marks plastic and metal parts but also materials like alloys, stainless steel or ceramics. SpeedMarker laser marking systems can easily be integrated and are compatible with all common process programs.

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