Trotec Celebrates 10 Years as the Leader of Dual-Source Laser Technology

Published on: 03/01/2015 Author: Christine Klinke

Flexx technology for different platform sizes

As marking metals and plastics has become increasingly important for the engravers' business, Trotec has improved the dual-source laser to accommodate evolving customer needs. In 2010, the company presented the Speedy 300 flexx with a working area of 726 x 432 mm., and today, the Speedy flexx range is available in all platform sizes— from Speedy 100 to Speedy 300 and Speedy 400─providing endless application possibilities with a single laser machine.

Selection of the laser source: one-touch and automatically

Thanks to the flexx industry-first technology, both laser sources can be activated in only one process step. Depending on the material, the two laser sources are activated alternately in a single job, without the need to manually change laser source, lens or focus.

Materials where two laser sources are needed

Nearly every CO₂ laser task imaginable can be engraved and cut with flexx technology, and annealing or a color changes on metals and plastics can be perfectly realized. Work pieces with mixed materials, like a keychain made of metal and leather, or a wooden pen with a metal piece, can be laser engraved and marked in a single process step.

The flexx technology also opens new possibilities for production. For example, flexible circuit boards out of copper and polyester can be laser processed quickly and precisely with our dual source laser engravers.

Upgrading Speedy laser machines with a single laser source

Speedy flexx laser engravers grow with your business. The laser system is "ready for flexx," meaning that a CO₂ or a fiber laser machine can be upgraded at any time to a Speedy Flexx.

One laser engraver – endless application possibilities

Trotec, a leading international provider of advanced laser equipment, is pleased to announce that it is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of flexx technology —the innovative technology that enabled the company to introduce the first laser machine with two diverse laser sources.

The patented flexx technology combines a CO₂ laser source for engraving and cutting a very wide range of organic materials like wood, leather, glass or acrylics with a second laser source with a wavelength of 1064 nanometers for metal marking and laser processing plastics. The focus of the Trotec developers was to provide a laser machine that can process all materials.

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