Roll Material Extension

With the extension for roll material, the SP3000 becomes a sophisticated laser system for high-volume cutting of textiles. The fully automated solution is suitable for applications in the soft-signage sector as well as for cutting of technical textiles, and it is compatible with all common roll diameters and weights. Flags, banners, jerseys, filter mats, curtains, sails or airbags are produced quickly and flawlessly.

Fully automated: From roll to finished workpiece

The extension for the laser cutting of roll material can be flexibly configured around a conveyor belt with roff-off unit, or with unloading table– depending on the workflow. The unloading table increases your productivity: While the laser system is cutting, the operator removes the finished workpieces from the unloading table.  

Perfectly tailored

The wire-mesh conveyor belt specifically developed for laser processing prevents back-reflections onto the cut material. Absolutely accurate and tension-free movement of the textile through the cutting system can be achieved by the interplay of the active edge detection and the adjustable belt guides.

The extension for the SP3000 is designed specifically for high-volume laser cutting of organic and synthetic fabrics – from polyester, nylon, or aramid to silk or cotton.