Workflow Integration

Efficient from the design to the cut workpiece: Seamless integration into your data workflow

Due to RIP and CAD compatibility the seamless integration of the laser cutter into your workflow is possible. Thanks to the fully automated PDF and DXF interface Trotec UniDrive, data can sent to the laser cutter from the prepress or work preparation via monitored folders, called “Hot Folders”. Time-intensive preparation or parametrization of the cutting data is not required.

Monitored folders

The “Hot Folders” are provided with all the relevant information, for example, the laser parameters, the position of the job on the work table or the grid resolution. As soon as files are exported from the RIP and stored in the corresponding “Hot Folders”, these appear in the job queue of the JobControl® laser software and are released for processing by the operator. For a precise cut in Print&Cut applications, the camera-supported JobControl® Vision system completes the optimal workflow.

Calculated planning

Another highlight: for production planning, the processing times can be very precisely calculated in advance. The pre-calculation of the cutting and engraving times allows efficient production planning for maximum utilization of the laser cutter and can be used for precise quotations. 

Maximum compatibility with all RIP systems, graphics or CAD programs is guaranteed. This ensures an efficient data workflow without operator interaction.