Trotec Laser machines

Laser Engravers - Speedy Series

laser etcher speedy

Speedy series: CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines for formats up to 1000 x 610 mm

Laser type: CO₂, Fiber or Flexx laser
Work area: 610 x 305 up to 1000 x 610 mm
Max. workpiece height: 125 - 305 mm
Laser power: 10 - 120 watts
Engrave Cut Mark

Laser Cutters - SP Series

laser cutter design award

SP series: CO2 laser cutter for large-format materials.

Laser type: CO₂ laser
Work area: 1245 x 710 up to 2210 x 3210 mm
Max. workpiece height: 55 - 300 mm
Laser power: 40 - 400 watts
Engrave Cut Mark

Marking Lasers - SpeedMarker

speedmarker laser marking system

Marking laser stations with galvo marking heads. Marking area up to 44.1 x 25.0 inch.

Laser type: CO₂ or Fiber laser
Work area: 190 x 190 up to 1120 x 635 mm
Max. workpiece height: 250 - 570 mm
Laser power: 10 - 50 watts / 20 watts MOPA
Engrave Cut Mark

Marking Lasers - ProMarker

promarker laser marking system

ProMarker marking lasers for laser marking that is as easy as printing. Marking area up to 7.1 x 7.1 inch.

Laser type: Fiber laser
Work area: 180 x 180 mm
Max. workpiece height: 250 - 531 mm
Laser power: 10 - 20 watts
Engrave Cut Mark

Business Solution Laser Machines

automated laser cutter GS12

Laser machines custom-tailored for special applications.

Custom-Built Laser Machines

laser system heavy load parts

Customized and automated complete system solutions