plexiglass coaster laser cutting

Laser Cut
Flower Coaster

Step by step guide

Create a beautiful laser cut flower coaster with a cork back to protect your table.


Required material

  • two different color sheets of acrylic in any color
    of your choice (3 mm)
  • self-adhesive thin cork

Trotec laser used

  • Speedy 300
  • 80 watts
  • 2.5 inch lens


cutting table or acrylic cutting grid table

Step by Step

Step 1: Design

Download the files below and scale to fit the size coaster you would like.

Step 2: Laser settings

Acrylic Cutting:

Power 35%, Speed 0.3%, Frequency 10000 Hz, Air Assist: ON

Cork Cutting:

Power 25%, Speed 4%, Frequency 500 Hz, Air Assist: ON


Make sure that you collect and save all of the inner pieces after cutting to use for assembly.

Step 3: Assemble

Once you have the pieces cut, remove the backing on the cork, and place the outer section of one color acrylic on it. Now use the inner sections of the opposite acrylic to fill in the spaces. The adhesive side of the cork will hold everything in place.


  • Use the pieces left over to create a second coaster.
  • Make the graphic larger, and cut it out of thicker wood to create a trivet. Discard the inner pieces and put small rubber feet on the bottom to protect your table.
  • You can also use felt to line the bottom of the coaster, just make sure to use adhesive on the outer and inner pieces to secure everything in place.

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