trotec laser headquarters

Trotec's 20th anniversary
20 years of innovation

The management of the Trotec Group has been reviewing the past 20 years from a wide variety of perspectives.

Twenty years ago, we started making our vision a reality. We have achieved quite a bit so far. Trotec lasers are used not only to make a variety of different companies profitable, but also to change a small part of our world through their use in medical technology or in research. I am very proud of the Trotec team and I am convinced that we are only at the beginning of our journey.
Dr. Andreas Penz (Man. Dir.)

Originally, we were focused only on producing “the perfect Trodat stamp imprint.” The conventional commercially available technologies did not allow for this kind of production and laser systems that were on the market did not work with rubber material. That's why we invested in the proprietary development of Trotec laser systems -- and our success has been proven. Today, Trotec is one of the most important laser machine manufacturers in the world. We have come a long way from the original application plan. Our absolute belief in the “laser idea” was, and still is, correct.
Alexandra Kutos (Man. Dir., Head of Group Communications)

19 years ago, my personal Trotec journey started as a customer. I remember the mixture of fear of the unknown with an excitement of the possibilities that lay ahead. The past years with Trotec are more than special to me as we have grown together this whole time - professionally, personally but more importantly as a family. Our market is expanding, evolving and growing all at the same time. With stable leadership and guidance we will remain equally proud of our company for the next 20 years.
Simon Moore (Man. Dir.)

When I think about the past 20 years at Trotec and try to describe this intense time period in a few words, I come up with three keywords: Lifelong learning, fun and pride. Today, the company and all of its employees continue to learn new things every day, and I feel that this openness is one of Trotec's secrets for success. I am proud to be part of this team and I am convinced that we are headed for continued great success in the future.
Christian Spicker (Man. Dir.)

In my opinion, the impressive thing about Trotec is the combination of the company's innovative power and the passion of its employees. The “Trotec spirit” is really contagious. I joined Trotec as a member of the management team about six months ago, and I have been happy to be able to help shape its success story since then. I was quickly convinced of the great future potential of the company. We already have the tools for the next step of our growth: A dynamic team that works energetically and consistently as we complete our work.
DI Martin Rehling (Man. Dir.)