Webinar: R Series – R400 & R500

29 September 2021 at 2 pm (GMT+2)

Our webinar will introduce the new R Series (R400 & R500), simply laser cutting at an affordable price. Engineered and built by Trotec laser. Powerful, fast, clean and safe. Lyn van den Berg and Ryan Milne will provide an in-depth overview of the range and showcase their performance.

Attendees will get an overview of:

  • Comparison between the machines
  • Features of the machines
  • Cutting and engraving on various materials

The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session hosted by Lyn van den Berg and Ryan Milne.

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R Series: Simply Laser Cutting

It is your perfect laser cutter for all standard sheet sizes up to 1300 x 900 mm. Cutting and engraving of acrylics up to 15 mm, wood up to 15 mm, textiles, paper and much more. Cut and
engrave signs, gifts, toys, models, prototypes and any kind of decoration and fashion items. The R Series has been engineered and build by Trotec, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laser machines, to meet all your needs at an affordable price. Simply Laser Cutting: Powerful, fast, clean and safe.