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Published on: 03/31/2021 Author: Lauren van Rooyen

Learn How To Increase Your Business's Profits

This past month our MD, Clive Heydenrych, hosted a webinar dedicated to helping businesses increase their profits - a principle that many, if not all businesses are eager to learn about in this day and age. With the current economic climate, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses cannot afford to incur large expenses to attempt to drive profits. 

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In this webinar, Clive Heydenrych discusses the current economic climate in South Africa, relating to not only the pandemic but also local contributing factors like load-shedding.

Watch the webinar with Clive, by clicking on the button below, or visiting our YouTube channel.

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Want to learn how to increase your businesses profits with a laser engraver?

Personalised and individualised products create significant added value for customers. This means that higher prices can be achieved than for items without a personal dedication. With a laser engraving machine, many products can be personalised with designs, logos, and lettering. This creates unique pieces that increase the value of the product many times over the original product. Therefore, these items generate a very handsome profit.

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