Presenting Our New Laser Software:
"Trotec Ruby"

Published on: 10/15/2020 Author: Lauren van Rooyen

This new laser software is characterized by its simple and efficient workflow - from idea to finished product. With the use of this platform, it guarantees profitable order processing and provides users with a web-based network, and therefore a digital to the core setup. Not to mention, a user guidance system that truly inspires.

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New: Trotec Ruby. Laser Software re-defined.

This software redefines how you work with a laser machine. After three years of continual efforts, the open BETA version of "Ruby" is ready to be released. Our new laser software is defined by its simple and efficient workflow when taking your inital idea to the final product. This ensures profitable order processing, not to mention the delightful user interface.

Ruby is not just a laser software, Ruby is a platform. Thanks to a connected, web-based and therefore digital to the core-setup.

The adaptable software was designed from a zero starting point and because of this, it lends itself to future developments. The new platform opens up possibilities that have long been in demand but were previously unthinkable, e.g. complete independence from the operating system. This technology will offer laser users unprecedented added value and will be setting new standards.

The vision of Trotec Ruby

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The journey starts now. Join the open beta to be one of the first laser users working with Trotec Ruby. Profit from integrated job creation, direct importing of files, laser networking and capabilities of modern software technologies. All to increase your productivity on daily business.

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