Winter Warmer Blanket Drive

Trotec Laser SA

Published on: 07/09/2019 Author: Lauren van Rooyen

Winter Warmer Blanket Drive

It’s no secret that South African winters are rather brutal, and especially winters in Johannesburg. Most people are fortunate enough to not have to experience this icy change of seasons out in the cold of the streets, but for a large portion of our population this is not the case.

With the change of seasons creeping up on us, and an economy that is currently not at its best, Trotec decided to pay it forward. Each staff member was given two blankets, donated by the company and told to use their discretion and bless someone less fortunate with these blankets.

Close to 100 blankets were donated to the less fortunate, a small act that not only warmed people in a literal sense but also warmed our hearts.

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