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Machine Maintenance For The Festive Season

Published on: 12/13/2018 Author: Lauren van Rooyen

This time of year, everyone is gearing down for the festive season, but remember that your laser needs time to gear down as well. Here are some useful pointers to remember when leaving your laser inactive over the festive period.

We’ve put together 3 important tips to ensure that your laser will be back in full swing in the New Year.

  1. Keep your laser clean and dust free – it’s very tempting to leave your laser with the remnants of your last job, but rather be safe than sorry by cleaning your machine before your shut down period.
  2. Unplug your laser – don’t be fooled, switching off your laser is not enough. Unplugging your laser from the main power source ensures that your machine will not be effected by power surges or any similar unlikely events.
  3. Pre-book your machine service for the New Year – by regularly servicing your machine, you’ll ensure it last even longer! Enquire about our machine services here.

You need help?

For machine support over the festive season, please contact 083 452 1768 or support@trodat.co.za