Wall sticker: Butterfly

Create these wall stickers using different colours of TroLase Thins.


Used material
  • 1 sheet TroLase Thins, colour: European gold brushed/black (item no. LT754-202), cut to size 1,000 x 600 mm
  • double-sided adhesive tape
Machine used
  • Speedy 400
  • 80 watts
  • 2" lens
  • nozzle with large hole diameter
  • Aluminum cutting grid table or honeycomb cutting support

If you want to make the wall stickers with another machine of the Speedy series, please consider the size of the motive. If necessary, the pattern must be scaled accordingly, which may also require a corresponding adjustment of the cutting parameters.


The duration for cutting the large motif is about 3 minutes, the engraving time is about 35 minutes. If you want to keep the production time of the wall sticker as short as possible, you can hide the engraving color black and thus cut only the contours. If you prefer full-surface bonding of the wall stickers, you can also order TroLase Thins with self-adhesive film on the back.

Wall Sticker Butterfly


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Step by step

Step 1


Import our template and adapt it to your requirements.

With "Create job" move the design to the "Prepare" screen. 

Step 2

Laser process

Remove the protective film from the surface of the material and then place the material - with the golden side up - on the aluminum grid table in your laser. Tape the remaining narrow edge to create the best possible vacuum.

Place the job to the desired position and adapt the settings. To do this, simply use the default parameters for TroLase Thins from the material database and additionally select "Relief" and "High Quality" for the effects for engraving.

The laser parameters may vary depending on the type of laser machine and available laser power.

Send the job to the "Queue" for Laser processing.

Effect Engrave Quality
Process Engrave
Layers black
Power (%) 60
Speed (%) 80
DPI 500
Source CO2
Air Assist On
Z-offset 1
Passes 1
Power Correction 10
Direction Bottom up
Dithering Ordered
Engraving Mode Standard
Choose High Quality and Relief
Effect Cut Quality
Process Cut
Layers red and blue
Power (%) 30
Speed (%) 1.5
Hz 1000
Source CO2
Air Assist On
Z-offset 0
Passes 1
Power Correction 10
Step 3


After laser processing, take the butterfly out of the laser machine. To remove the dust, carefully clean the wall sticker with a soft, damp cloth. Then glue some pieces of the double-sided adhesive tape onto the back of the wall sticker if you don't use a self-adhesive backing anyways. 
Execute the wall sticker also in other colors of TroLase Thins. Depending on the color of the material, adjust the parameter settings to suit your requirements.

To make the wall decoration even more vivid and individual for your customers, you can choose from a wide color palette of TroLase Thins and change the size of the motif. Important: When doing so, make sure to adjust the cutting parameters accordingly and select the appropriate parameter settings depending on the color of the material.

Execute the wall sticker also in other colors of the TroLase Thins. Depending on the color of the material, adjust the parameter settings to suit your requirements.

Combine the different butterflies to create an attractive wall decoration.

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