Laser-engraved leather patches

Step by step instructions


Today we'll show you how you can make trendy leather patches with your laser.


Material required
  • Genuine leather (leftover pieces)
  • Tape to fix it
  • (needle and thread to sew the patch on)
Machine used

This sample requires the use of any laser machine from the Speedy laser engraver series.


Use the 2" lens to achieve a homogeneous appearance of the engraving of larger surfaces.


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Step by step

Step 1

Step 1: Import the design

You can create your own design or use our template for this excercise. We used the relief mode to obtain the two different colors on the material in just one engraving pass. This thus saves time. Forward it to the laser with the recommended laser parameters. The parameters might differ depending on the machine used and the laser power set.

Print settings

Process mode Resolution Cut line
Relief 500 dpi none
Halftone Others
Color Optimized geometries, inner geometries first


Use the grayscale matrix to find out the correct values for the relief mode.

Step 2

Step 2: Laser processing of leather

Insert the leather piece into the laser engraver and secure it in place using tape. Always ensure that the surface is as even as possible to get a consistent engraving result. Engrave and cut the design. (The parameters might vary depending on the machine used and the available laser power.)

Laser Parameters

Color Process Power (%) Speed (%) ppi/Hz
Black Engrave CO2 50 50 500
Red Cut CO2 50 1.5 1000
Passes Air Assist Z-Offset Advanced
1 on - High quality
1 on - -
Step 3

Step 3: Cleaning & sewing on

Remove the patch from the laser and clean it with a damp cloth if required. You can then attach the patch to jeans, jackets, caps or similar items using a needle or a thread.


There are no limits to the creativity for creating individual patches. You can produce the logo of a start-up company, or a patch for the local team. Everything is possible, and the vary of use is nearly limitless.

Personalise the patches with names to add extra value to your design.

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