Laser Remote App

Control your Trotec laser machine and get real time feedback​​

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The Trotec Laser Remote App offers optimized possibilities for the control of your Trotec laser plotter including real time feedback via Wi-Fi. Regardless whether you own just one or multiple laser engravers. You get information whether the machine is running or if the engraver cabinet has been opened. But you also get feedback as soon as a laser job has been finished and the machine is ready for new tasks. This increases your productivity. All you need is Wi-Fi, Trotec JobControl X laser software and a compatible laser machine.


  • Remote control of the connected laser: Indication whether the laser plotter is running or waiting for new jobs
  • Laser operation: Pause running jobs. You can also switch on or off the Trotec Atmos exhaust system.
  • Laser positioning: Move the laser head using the virtual keypad. Or move the laser head by touching the virtual working area.
  • Calculation of engraving and cutting time: Get information about the total and remaining processing time of your laser job.
  • Demo-Mode: Test the Trotec Laser Remote App in the demo mode if you do not own a Trotec flatbed laser.
  • Compatible mobile devices: iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

Requires Trotec JobControl X (Version 10.1 or higher)

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