From little acorns to Treetop Treasures with Trotec laser

Published on: 06/13/2019 Author: Trotec Laser UK

Little acorns

Treetop treasures is a Bristol based gift company founded by Sabella Tilley. A stay-at-home mother, Sabella holds a first class degree in illustration and founded her company out of a desire to expand her gift making beyond family and friends. Treetop Treasures now supply a range of wooden gifts across the UK.

"The quality of the machines and the support from Trotec are excellent and there is a clear difference between the quality of Trotec's products and other manufacturers."
- Sabella Tilley - Owner -

Branching out

Sabella focussed on using her skills to create paper gifts for family and friends, but was keen to expand into other materials. One of the aspects that Sabella found difficult was that when producing her products, a lot of time was taken in the actual production process.

This not only meant that she had to spend less time on her preferred area which was the design of the products, she also found that the manual production methods eventually took their toll on her hands and eyes.

It was these factors that lead Sabella to looking into laser technology to lay the foundations of Treetop Treasures.

"Just like our area manager for lasers, our consumables area manager has given us fantastic customer service, answering any questions we had. I hope to experiment with Trotec's materials more and incorporate them into my products in the future as I have been really impressed with the quality.""
- Sabella Tilley - Owner -

The seeds of growth

With no previous laser experience, Sabella was keen to find a supplier who would be supportive. She booked an appointment at her local showroom in Yate and once she had seen the processing possibilities, opted for Trotec's entry level laser cutter.

Sabella now finds that her laser machine allows her to stay creatively sharp and is able to bring her designs to life in less than half an hour, something which would have previously taken days by hand. The level of detail achievable by using the laser machine is also important, especially within the gift industry, where customers expect products to look perfect. The laser machine allows the same details to be achieved effortlessly, something which would not be possible by hand.

The laser software has also proved to be a benefit for Sabella. With time being crucial as a stay-at-home mother, the software allows her to easily reproduce her designs and make any alterations to them prior to processing.  

Trotec's support has been given special mention by Sabella. From her demonstration to install and even post-sale, she has felt supported by Trotec. Even if she has a simple question, her area manager is happy to talk through the answer.

Sabella has also found that there is a strong social media presence from other Trotec laser users, something which she had not seen with other laser manufacturers. which also proved useful in her decision making process.

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