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The Trotec Laser blog is dedicated to providing you with the latest case studies and stories of interest from the world of laser cutting, engraving and marking.

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We regularly showcase the innovative creations of people using our lasers. So if you have something you'd like to show the laser world then get in touch with us.

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Christmas Tutorials South Africa

christmas tutorials

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Different possibilities of marking metals

Metal marking with a CO2 laser

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Jewelry display using different acrylic sheets

Tips and tricks to optimize your productivity using different acrylic sheets

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jewelry holder plexiglass

Jewellery Display with TroGlass

trotec cast acrylic sheets

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Tags: DIY: Templates & Instructions

Name Tags using trotec laser materials

Find trotec materials on

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display aluminum tags

Create a trendy display for your aluminium tags

Be creative. Entice your customers. Increase sales

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How to select the right lens for your application

Selecting the right lens can be the key to perfect laser results.

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Create felt slippers using your trotec laser

Learn how to create felt slippers using your trotec laser

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businesscard card leather engraved

Learn new tricks for laser processing of leather

Learn step by step how to process leather with a laser

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Create a wall clock using Trolase material

Create a wall clock using Trolase ADA material

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engraving glass

hints for glass processing

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Tags: Material Handling

engraving materials calendar

Cut and engrave a perpetual calendar from wood and engraving plastic

Offer individual perpetual calendars made from wood and engraving plastic.

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Tags: DIY: Templates & Instructions

Photo Engraved Menu Card

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Tags: DIY: Templates & Instructions