TroGlass Acrylic Swatches

Trotec Expands its Line of Laserable Materials

Published on: 01/15/2019 Author: Ashton Stephens

Trotec Laser is pleased to announce that it has further expanded its portfolio of laserable materials with the addition of its LaserPaper product line and the expansion of its TroGlass line to include TroGlass Color Gloss Metallics and TroGlass Mirrored Acrylic.


Trotec’s LaserPaper is a heavy-duty laser-friendly paper product that produces high-quality results when printed, laser cut and laser engraved. Available in a variety of shades and gsm weights, LaserPaper provides a high level of contrast when laser engraved and a crisp, clean edge when laser cut. LaserPaper can be used for a multitude of applications such as invitations, brochures, business cards, scrap booking and greeting cards.


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TroGlass Color Gloss Metallic & TroGlass Mirrored

New products from the TroGlass line include TroGlass Color Gloss Metallic, a cast acrylic glass available in gold and silver varieties, and TroGlass Mirrored, an extruded acrylic product with a mirrored finish low thickness tolerance. Like all TroGlass products, the new materials come standard with a plastic laserable mask. This unique feature protects the acrylic from scratching, which reduces scrap and rework, and improves processing results.


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