Laser Workshops Coming to Southeast Region

Published on: 04/20/2018 Author: Trish Steding

Trotec is holding a series of laser workshops throughout the Southeastern United States during the remainder of the year. The workshops are designed to provide education on laser technology and promote an understanding of how lasers can add value to a business. Check event calendar for local event details and registration information.

Agenda items will vary from location to location, but topics will include laser skills such as how to use a rotary attachment, how to use JobControl Vision, and other tips and tricks and laser best practices. At several of our upcoming events, attendees will also have the opportunity to hear insight from veteran laser expert Buddy Jones, who will share his understanding of the various different laser machines on the market, and explain what sets Trotec lasers apart from the others. 

Hear insight from Buddy Jones

Workshop topics will include an overview different types of laser machines, how they work, and how to choose the right laser engraving, laser cutting or laser marking system for your application. The workshops also provide practical laser training on how to use various laser capabilties to add value to your business, such as JobControl Vision registration software, rotary attachment, and tips and trick on how to use JobControl laser workflow software, to name a few. More on what you can do with a laser machine.

Upcoming workshops are planned throughout Southeastern United States in areas such as Nashville, Raleigh, Miami, Dade City, and Gulf Port, to name a few. 

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Learn how to use a rotary attachment

A rotary engraving attachment allows you to use your laser engraver to easily engrave glasses, bottles, pens, and other round, cylindrical, and conical objects. Trotec’s JobControl workflow software provides simple, intuitive instructions that make using your rotary a simple process. Workshops will walk attendees through this process, including attaching the rotary to the laser engraving equipment and enabling it in JobControl to cause the movement of the y-axis to be replaced by a rotational movement. Attendees will also see how entering the diameter of the workpiece into JobControl will automatically adjust the graphic.

More on how a rotary attachment works

JobControl Vision

Attendees will learn how to cut printed signs, displays, and POS materials  to exact specifications using laser technology and JobControl® Vision. With other methods, slight distortions of the printed design create unsatisfactory results. However, JobControl® Vision is an intelligent, easy-to-use system that recognizes any distortions in the printed design. Whether it is a linear, non-linear distortion, or a rotation, the cutting path is adjusted automatically and dynamically. The cutting lines always perfectly match the printed design on both flexible and rigid materials.

JobControl® Vision is fully integrated with JobControl®, our user-friendly laser workflow software, so there is no additional software to install and learn.

More about JobControl Vision

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