Trotec Laser teams up with Mimaki USA

Published on: 04/27/2017 Author: Ashton Huzarski

Trotec Laser teams up with Mimaki USA

Trotec teamed up with Mimaki USA at this year's ISA show to demonstrate how digital printing and laser finishing work together to create new possibilities for design, and valuable opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
Attendees gathered in Mimaki’s booth to see Mimaki's Microfactory concept, to see how the two technologies work together. Trotec laser complements Mimaki’s high-quality digital printing by providing the capabilities to create highly precise geometric shapes and contour cuts on a wide range of materials — allowing businesses to broaden capabilities and increase product quality. In the Mimaki’s Microfactory, one of the workflows demonstrated how to create a custom skateboard. The Trotec laser was used during this demonstration to cut the grip tape, which was applied to a custom printed deck.

“The Mimaki Microfactory is an excellent platform to showcase our continued partnership with Trotec. As industry leaders, our complementary technologies prove that it is not only possible to create pop-up microfactories for a variety of finished goods, but also how local manufacturing is easily implemented,” said Ken VanHorn, Vice President, Business Development and Administration for Mimaki USA. “We’re delighted Trotec shares this vision to provide education and develop resources that our mutual customers will use to establish exciting, lucrative new business opportunities.”
Lasers open the door to new business opportunities and allow companies to improve their competitive positions by expanding their portfolio, generating new streams of income, and increasing their profit margins. Cutting plotters cannot produce intricate geometric shapes with the same high level of precision and quality. With the use of a laser system, sign and display companies can easily expand into contour cutting of printed materials such as acrylic, paper, cardstock, MDF, polystyrene, and foam boards. The ability to produce unusual shapes for displays, signs, or paper products allows for a more interesting and higher quality end product and eliminates the need for costly outsourcing.
"It's exciting to see how well the two technologies complement one another," says Warren Knipple, President of Trotec Laser, Inc, "Businesses who take advantage of this synergy will be able to offer a broader range of interesting and creative higher quality end products, giving them a distinct competitive advantage."


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