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Trotec Recognizes Shasta College

Published on: 12/18/2017 Author: Trish Steding

This is the fourth in a series of articles recognizing our innovative and tech-savvy customers who use a Trotec laser engraver, laser cutter or laser marking system to provide higher quality products, a wider range of products, or shorter lead times to meet their customers' needs.

Shasta College

Trotec customer Shasta College is using a Speedy 400 for courses in its CIS, INDE & AGMA departments to enhance learning by giving students a 360-degree perspective of how the skills they are learning are used in a real-world setting. Since they purchased their laser engraver 5 years ago, they have been using it to teach students 2D CAD, drawing tools, entrepreneurship, shop skills and design. Faculty member Dr. Tom Martin says the laser machine adds a great deal of value the materials they teach because it allows them to demonstrate hands-on application of theory. 

Martin says that in addition to being well-made, the laser engraver is indispensable because it gives students a more thorough and realistic big-picture understanding of the material and how the skills they are learning are used in a real-world setting.

"Our Trotec laser engraver has allowed students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios -- from 2D CAD classes, where students can see how a design actually becomes a physical object and how material type and dimensions matter, to an entrepreneurship course where students must understand manufacturing costs, quality and value," Martin explains.

Trotec lasers offer educational institutions a number of benefits, including providing an enhanced learning experience and opportunities to generate revenue and minimize outsourcing.

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