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Laser engraving with a Speedy Laser: Let us Count the Ways

Published on: 11/08/2017 Author: Trish Steding

Increase processing capabilities and business opportunities with laser engraving

Looking to start a business? Want to broaden your capabilities to grow your business? Investing in a laser engraver is a great way to do it. Trotec Speedy laser engraver machines provide a multitude of revenue-generating capabilities and business opportunities, making them a great investment for business owners and entrepreneuers alike.

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Benefits of laser engraving

Trotec Speedy flatbed laser machines are available with a CO2 laser source, a fiber laser source, or as a combined dual-source (called "flexx" technology) system that includes both. 

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The CO2 laser source is used for cutting and engraving many different materials such as acrylic, plastic, wood and MDF, stone, glass, paper, and more. The fiber laser source was designed for marking a wide array of metals and plastics.

More details on the differences between CO2 and fiber lasers.

Laser engravers are investments that pay off. The increased capabilities create opportunities for improving creativity, expanding your product offering, and engraving and cutting without finishing – providing endless opportunities to win new customers. Laser engraving has many benefits over other methods such as etching, embossing, mechanical engraving, and CNC router. For starters, lasers are highly versatile. They can process a huge selection of material types, shapes and sizes. Materials can be processed directly and precisely with the laser engraver without any additional setup, chemical additives or post processing. You can work with products of many different shapes and sizes comprised of several materials such as metals, plastics, wood, leather, textiles, glass and paper. Laser systems provide you the flexibility you need to process them without complicated, time-consuming and expensive setups. Using laser technology, you can create precise engravings and marks with even the finest details. You will also enjoy total freedom when it comes to the design, because basically everything that can be drawn can be engraved and marked with the laser.

Endless possibilities

Laser engraving is used in several industries to create a huge range of products. Lasers are used by awards and trophy shops, companies who personalize products, architects to create models, sign shops, packaging industry, and many, many more. Because laser engravers also provide unlimited design possibilities, the possibilities are even broader.  

Trotec offers a number of resources to help customers improve engraving results and try new applications. Check out our DIY page, where you'll find several application files and tutorials to create new products. Our tips & tricks pages also provide several useful advice, guides and best practices designed to help save time and improve laser engraving results.

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