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Published on: 09/29/2016 Author: Bernd Kerbl

High profitability from the first page

Use of laser technology enables paper service providers to work profitably from the very first printed sheet. For small and medium runs, laser processing is the ideal finishing solution for cutting, kiss cutting, perforating, or engraving. It saves the time and money for the production of conventional stamping tools.

GS1200 - Automated laser cutting system

for high volume paper finishing

The system concept ensures maximum process reliability and top cutting quality. Feeder and alignment module are equipped, among other things, with ultrasonic sensors to avoid malfunction due to jamming. In the patent-pending “free-floating” laser cutting method, the paper is supported only laterally by brackets and thus lasered free-floating. This provides numerous benefits and is unique in the industry:

  • Optimal laser cutting, as there are no back-reflections
  • Automatic disposal of the cutting waste
  • Highest quality, since the paper is always ideally in the focus

 The sheet stacker ensures that even delicately cut paper products are stacked carefully and without jamming.

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