Trotec Laser Sponsors 10th Annual Bay Area Maker Faire

Published on: 01/01/1970

Trotec Laser took their lasers on a cross country road trip, referred to on social media as “#TroTrip,” showing makers across the United States the versatility and ease of the Speedy line of lasers. Joining Trotec was their customer, Construct A Truck USA, who uses Trotec lasers to create intricate wooden truck model kits for adults and kids. They can construct them in their Mobile Assembly Line, housed in a 1966 Airstream trailer.

Park Ridge Art Fair

Their first stop was at the Park Ridge Art Fair, outside of Chicago. Despite wet conditions and cold temperatures, the trucks and lasers made a great impression to artists and patrons alike.

10th Annual Bay Area Maker Faire

The pinnacle stop on the TroTrip was at the three-day 10th Annual Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA, where Trotec Laser was a sponsor. There, Trotec reached over 140,000 makers, educators, parents and children in an extravaganza of innovation and fun. Many Trotec customers were also exhibiting at the Maker Faire, including Roost Stands, and Dos Pueblos High School, which showed off their amazing senior project.

Construct A Truck Wins Big

Construct A Truck USA, who was part of the Trotec Laser exhibit, won both the Editor’s Choice and Best in Class Award. Jim Bustemonte, CEO of Construct A Truck USA, was thrilled with the awards and the show. “The Maker Faire was a mega hit! We are so honored to receive the two awards, and we sold out of many of our kits. Demonstrating Trotec lasers at our exhibit highlighted the quality and design aspects of our precision wood kits. I was pleased to tell people that ‘We use Trotec lasers to make your hobby our business.’”

So Many Lollipops

Trotec featured their Speedy 100 laser at their booth, showing off the laser’s speed and accuracy. They also treated the crowds to over 10,000 lollipops created by another Trotec customer, Grumpe’s Specialties, which were gobbled up by the end of the first day.

After Party at TechShop

After the Maker Faire, Trotec and Construct A Truck USA were featured guests at the Maker Faire After Party at the San Francisco TechShop. The block party invited neighbors and Maker Faire guests out for an afternoon of BBQ and music, while showing off the TechShop, which has two Speedy 300 lasers. TechShop members were also selling items they created there, including Laurence Srinivasan, who uses the Speedy 300 to create beautiful models of San Francisco architecture that are sold in local museums and stores.

MTRL Design Open House

The final stop on the TroTrip was at MTRL Design in Omaha, NE. This custom design studio features the largest of Trotec’s Class 2 CO2 lasers, the SP1500, lovingly named Helga. This open house featured Construct A Truck’s Mobile Assembly Line and food trucks, while showing off the studio with the SP1500 and a Speedy 300 with JobControl® Vision.