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A Customized Laser Solution in Three Steps

Do you have a unique application? When a standard laser workstation cannot meet the needs of your laser marking requirements, our experts at Trotec Laser Automation can work with you to understand your application needs and configure a laser machine that will meet your special requirements. They have a three-step process to accomplish the project beginning with an evaluation phase and leading to installation and implementation.

Below is an overview of previous projects.

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1. Define and evaluate needs

First our experts will work with you to define a detailed list of requirements by gathering information such as:

  • materials that have to be marked
  • size of parts and variations
  • quantities
  • cycle times
  • loading and unloading
  • previous and next process steps
  • time frame of the project
  • investment frame

2. Draft concept

Once our experts define and analyze a detailed list of your requirements, they create a performance and specification sheet which they will use to draft a concept of your customized laser machine. Our experts also offer an alternative design to find the best possible solution.

3. Installation and trainng

From the first day, we emphasize tight cooperation with the customer. Once the laser machine is designed to your requirements, our automation experts will hold a detailed kick-off meeting, followed by regular meetings to be sure that the project meets your unique requirements. Then we install your customized laser machine together with your team.

Our experts are here for you

You need a special laser machine for your laser marking, laser engraving or laser cutting process? 

Our Trotec Laser Automation experts would be happy to discuss your unique requirements and possible solutions for your business.

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