How to use the rotary engraving attachment with the SpeedMarker lasers

What is the rotary engraving attachment used for?

With Trotec’s SpeedMarker laser machines, utilizing the available rotary engraving attachment gives you the freedom of laser marking cylindrical objects. A SpeedMarker equipped with the attachment has the capability of processing rotating objects, so that the laser always works in focus. The included SpeedMark laser marking software can also efficiently carry out the segmentation process (division into individual marking sections) directly for you. Furthermore, laser marking your components using the rotary engraving accessory allows 360° marking capabilities on both the circumference as well as inside.

SpeedMark marking software

How to engrave the inside of a ring

The Rotary Indexer Tutorial below is an instructional guide where you can learn everything from mechanical setup of the accessory, positioning, laser marking parameters, and more. Once the rotary engraving attachment is connected to your SpeedMarker laser machine, the SpeedMark software completely controls the device. Within the software you can then set parameters, define the desired marking content, and control the segmentation. To engrave on the interior facing of a ring, position it at an angle under the laser. In doing so, this protects the ring from being hit on the outer surfaces by the laser beam (see picture). If followed correctly, it really is that easy to refine the ring through laser engraving.

Tutorial: Rotary indexer

Laser engraving and laser marking of jewelry

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