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How to laser cut

An overview of laser cutting methods and advantages​​

Increased speed and efficiency

A Trotec laser system used for cutting materials will not only outperform conventional cutting systems in terms of productivity, but also in speed and capability. In today’s market, laser cutting is faster and more user-friendly than ever, which makes them highly desirable on a wide range of markets and applications. Because of their endless capabilities, laser systems are adaptable to thousands of applications, and can both streamline new and existing processes as well as growing ones business exponentially. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of laser systems, Trotec offers innovative laser cutting machines for diverse applications, such as cutting of acrylic, or laser cutting of architectural models, films and foils, paper, signage, wood, toys, and many more. In all applications and industries, Trotec laser machines stand for clean, fast and high-quality laser cutting.

Versatile and flexible processing

A Trotec machine used for laser cutting can effortlessly adapt to the requirements of even the most diverse applications. With laser cutting your materials, you can create individual batches in the same economical fashion as mass productions, and small workpieces can be processed as efficiently as large objects.



Highly precise cuts and marks

A Trotec laser cutting machine will be equipped with an integrated camera able to detect marks, and will automatically adjust the lasers positioning for optimal precision, regardless of the original template being distorted, rotated, or expanded.

Safe operation

When processing a cut, the materials will not require any additional alignment or fastening, and users will never come into contact with any moving or open machine parts. Furthermore, a Trotec system is designed to meet and surpass even the most stringent safety requirements

Perfect edges

Our laser cutting systems will always produce perfectly cut materials, and consistently deliver clean and sharp edges free of any fraying.

Increase reliability and profitability

Since all Trotec machines are designed with their critical components fully enclosed, they are not subject to the typical wear and tear. Built for maximum quality, performance, reliability and speed- our systems are highly profitable, and will maximize a company’s income as well as consequently pay off quickly.

Designed around your needs

Trotec offers you a wide range of highly capable production quality machines ideal for cutting endless varieties of different materials.

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How to laser cut