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Balancing between creativity and technology

Kim Kiekens - SMUKK

Published on: 02/11/2019 Author: Trotec Laser BENELUX

Today's small entrepreneurs face many challenges while competing against large companies for business. Beyond that, the economy is running at full speed, so a small business must make an impression on consumers to succeed. A perfect example is SMUKK, which continues to expand its lines of greeting cards and personalized MDF and acrylate engravings that are perfect for any special occasion.

Startup mentality

Kim Kiekens started her own company SMUKK (Danish for Nice) a few months ago and continues her fresh, startup mentality. ''We are enterprising, curious, flexible and eager but at the same time experienced and professional'', says Kiekens. The company currently has two employees. The founder, Kim, handles the technical side, and another colleague, Hannelore Verstappen, is responsible for the creative side. That combination is of significant value.

"We know the possibilities and the pitfalls of technology.'' A pitfall arose when they were informed that one of their ideas, though quite creative, was not technically feasible. ''We did not want to make any concessions and therefore decided to look for a way to implement our creativity. Their choice was made quickly,'' Kim Kiekens says. ''Trotec Laser offered us that opportunity!''

The Trotec solution

Kim Kiekens was employed as an engineer at the KU University (Leuven) when she first encountered a Trotec Laser. "It was at work, where I discovered the endless possibilities of such a laser machine." The University has several Trotec Laser systems, and she remembers distinctly being struck at how these machines allowed the user, staff or student, to be endlessly creative while maintaining the quality of material and their vision.

As the ideas for SMUKK began to form, Kiekens visited her local Trotec showroom, where our technicians and specialists offered extra assurance and inspiration. ''It was very nice to think along with it from the side of Trotec", she explains. "Together with Trotec Laser, we have performed a cost-benefit analysis. That made me feel that Trotec takes its customers seriously." SMUKK now enjoys the advantages of a Trotec laser, which offer many possibilities, without new maintenance tasks. With the laser machine, you only have to configure the settings once. "One thing is certain our question of how we can do everything can be answered with Trotec Laser."

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