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Rocket and Fox aim for the stars with Trotec Laser

Published on: 08/14/2018

About the customer

Hampshire based gift company Rocket and Fox has transformed its business with the addition of laser technology.

Rocket and Fox produce a selection of giftware made from a mix of materials including wood, textiles and china, including seasonal gifts for occasions like Christmas and Father's Day. Looking for an effective way to improve their productivity, the team at Rocket and Fox began to look for suitable machines which could also help them to improve their profitability.

"We particularly love our lasers because they allow us to take an idea and immediately test and prototype it. We are always thinking of innovative ways to to use our lasers and offer new and exciting products to our customers."
- Jo Lindsay - Company Director, Rocket and Fox -

First impressions matter

The first foray into laser technology for Rocket and Fox came at a Trade show in 2015, where they saw Trotec Laser demonstrating their laser engravers.

The team were instantly taken with the possibilities that laser technology presented, but were not confident that their designs would yield a good return on investment. After opting for an entry level laser machine from another supplier, Jo Lindsay and the team found that they had outgrown the machine after just 6 months and were struggling to keep up with the demand for their lasered products.

Remembering the Trotec lasers from the exhibition she had attended, Jo got in touch with Trotec to arrange a demonstration at her local showroom in Guildford, Surrey.

"Trotec's support has been excellent. My demonstrations at the local Trotec showrooms were detailed and the engineers were excellent during the install. They gave helpful tips and helped us with some of our initial "user errors" in a professional and friendly way. Our machines are excellent and it is rare that we have to call tech support now."
- Jo Lindsay - Company Director, Rocket and Fox -

Perfect synergy with two lasers working in tandem

Jo was shown the Speedy laser machines which are available in a variety of bed sizes and can be used to produce a wide range of applications, including laser engraving and cutting woods, plastics, films and more. The advantages of speed and ease of use were instantly recognised by Jo who soon purchased an ex-demonstration Speedy 100 laser.

Less than a year later, Rocket and Fox were again ready to expand their arsenal of lasers. Having experienced the reliability, robustness and speed of the Speedy 100, Jo opted to add a Speedy 300 to the Rocket and Fox workshop. The larger bed size of the Speedy 300 and the ability to process laser jobs simultaneously enabled Rocket and Fox to produce even more products in a shorter time. With the Speedy machines operating five times faster than their previous laser, Rocket and Fox increased production efficiency without adding overheads as the same team member can operate both machines. 

Laser technology has also opened new business avenues for Rocket and Fox, enabling the business to diversify and offer laser cutting and engraving services for similar companies who do not have the facility in-house. Example applications have included card pockets for wedding invites, leather shapes and acrylic Christmas decorations. 

"We have tested some materials and substrates that we would not previously have thought of trying, including marshmallows, cheese and chocolate! This idea came when we tried personalising lollies for a personal baby shower, and whilst we opted not to integrate this into our service offering it showed us that almost anything is possible with laser technology."
- Jo Lindsay - Company Director, Rocket and Fox -

Flexible choice of materials

Along with their laser machines, Rocket and Fox also use Trotec materials:

Jo said: "We have used a number of Trotec materials including LaserFlex and wooden sheets. In particular, we have found the wooden sheets to be a consistent, excellent quality."

For more information on Trotec's range of laser engraving materials, visit our engraving supplies webshop. 

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