A little Jimagination is all you need with Trotec Laser

Published on: 04/10/2019

From small scale hobby to sustainable business

Jimagination Creations is a woodworking business located in Cornwall, founded by James Powell. Initially starting as a hobby, Jimagination has since grown into a sustainable business. Jim regularly attends trade shows to sell his products, all of which are accessible online for sale.

"My business has transformed since adding laser technology to its armoury. Whilst I work from home and still class myself as small scale, my Trotec laser has definitely taken Jimagination from a hobby to a sustainable business with room for expansion."
- James Powell - Owner -

Woodworking: Expanding the production possibilities

Jimagination's main products consist of coasters, bookmarks, keyrings, and A5 book covers made from wood, which he sells in craft markets and galleries. During the early days of the business, Jim's main production method was hand tools alongside machinery such as band saws and thickness planers.

One of the main issues Jim encountered was poor engraving quality when he processed wood. To ensure that his products could reach higher standards, Jim began to look for an alternative solution to his current process.

While on a tour of New Zealand, Jim first discovered the benefits of laser technology and immediately began looking into a solution once he returned home.

"With the laser I can achieve greater levels of detail in less time than manually engraving. While I can also batch produce my keyrings safe in the knowledge that each one will be of the same high quality."
- James Powell - Owner -

A worthwhile return on investment

Jim's first laser machine was a second-hand Trotec system, which he purchased to expand his business and diversify his product offerings.

After having his laser for several years, Jim needed a more reliable machine and took the step to invest in a brand new Speedy 300. Since purchasing in his lasers, Jim has been able to make products that are either not achievable by hand or would be too time-consuming to be cost-effective.

The processing capabilities of laser technology have allowed Jim to take on orders reaching beyond wood. Jim's Trotec's allowed him to process acrylic and slate, and fulfill his long-term goals for Jimagination, taking custom orders for clients.

Despite the initial costs of laser technology, Jim hasn't second guess purchasing his second user system. Since the purchase of his Speedy 300, Jim has had his first laser refurbished and now has two lasers working to create his products.

Jim's investment in laser technology has paid off for Jimagination in the four years since he first purchased his Trotec machine. His business has benefited even further in that Jim was able to expand his previously cramped studio, making it a space for clients to visit.

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